Create a Capsule Linen Cupboard

18 Apr, 2023

Effortless Linen Cupboard Style

Make your linen cupboard a joy to open and view; a tidy, organised space where you can easily locate everything you need to make beautiful beds. This can be achieved with a thoughtfully curated capsule linen cupboard. The capsule linen cupboard offers a sustainable approach by investing in quality bedding essentials that you will love, use and cherish for years to come, reducing the need to purchase as often and minimising waste.

Read our suggestions for what to include in your capsule linen cupboard and how to pick which pieces are best for you. And our stylist Michelle offers her tips for styling a beautiful bed starting with the items from a capsule linen cupboard.


Explained: What is a Capsule Linen Cupboard?

A capsule linen cupboard is a curated collection of versatile, high quality bedding essentials which you’ll love using for years to come. By focusing on a few key items made from the finest natural fabrics, you’ll reduce clutter and enjoy a simplified linen cupboard. A capsule linen cupboard is designed to include pieces such as bedding staples, sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover sets and quilts which work together across all the beds in your home to provide effortless and enduring style. Create a timeless look using just your capsule pieces, or incorporate beautiful accents which can be interchanged depending on your interior décor or the season.


What to include in your Capsule Linen Cupboard

For each bed in your home, we recommend a bed skirt, a mattress protector, a sheet set, a duvet inner, a foundation duvet cover, a quilt along with standard and European pillowcases. The items in your capsule linen cupboard should be chosen to suit your sleep and style preferences and your climate. Some things to consider are, are you a cool or hot sleeper? Do you prefer your mattress to feel firm or cloud soft? Do you prefer weighty, heavy bedding layers or light and lofty layers?

When purchasing items for your capsule linen cupboard, here are our tips for a few of the essential pieces. Choose a duvet cover in a neutral colour or simple pattern which coordinates seamlessly with both your bedroom decor and styling accessories. If you love bedding with a luxuriously soft feel, explore our Downtime collection of duvet inners and pillow inners. For cool sleepers and climates, we suggest our Downtime goose inners, higher thread count sheets to hold warmth, and a heavier quilt such as velvet. If you’re a hot sleeper, try our organic cotton mattress topper and duvet inner and lower thread count cotton or pure linen sheets.


Q & A with our Stylist

Q: What are the benefits of a capsule linen cupboard?
A: There are so many benefits but a key one for me is having favourite basics that are easy to mix with décorative pieces or patterns. You can use these time and time again as a base, confident in the knowledge they will compliment any accent pieces you choose to spice things up with!

Q: What foundation duvet cover set would you recommend for a capsule linen cupboard?
A: I just love our Loft Linen in white. It is so supple and soft and gives a beautiful texture. I will often layer some crisp cotton gingham for a nice contrast.

Q: What are your favourite accent pieces to use for elevated, unique styling on a bed?
A: I am loving our gingham cotton pillowcases or cushions to add a pop of colour and interest. Our Waihi bedding in the cool dove grey hue is my favourite piece to add!

Q: If you’re not a fan of plain white, what other duvet cover colours would you recommend for a capsule linen cupboard?
A: You can always opt for a neutral colour with a very subtle print. Currently our Mariner bedding is a great staple that isn’t white. The pencil stripe detail is gorgeous, yet subtle. This would still work in a room with printed artwork or if chosen well, a set of printed pillowcases. Another option could be a textured duvet set such as our Hudson Waffle this is great for those who love a ‘perfect and polished white bed’ without having to iron!


How to Care for Your Fabrics

Our bed linen and bedding collections are made from the finest natural and sustainable fabrics. From cotton and pure linen to sumptuous velvet and certified organic cotton, we design pieces that are made to last. Purchasing good quality sheets, quilts, duvet covers, inners and pillows is an investment, so it’s worth taking the time to care for your bed linen correctly. Discover how to look after each of the beautiful fabrics we make our collections from, in our Fabric Care Guides.


Repurpose, Recycle and Resuse

Our sustainable approach to textiles means we care what happens to our products once they’ve left our shelves. When you’ve loved and used your Wallace Cotton items so much that you’ve worn them out, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for recycling or repurposing the fabric, for a sustainable ‘end of life’. And even though our collections are made from biodegradable fabrics, discover ways to give them a second chance and prevent them from going to landfill.


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