Plastic Free July

10 Jul, 2024

Plastic Free July and our planet friendly approach

Plastic Free July is a timely reminder to assess how we use plastic in our everyday lives and to find ways to reduce, remove and replace (and recycle) with planet friendly alternatives. Even the simple action of picking up three pieces of plastic litter off the sand every time you go to the beach, prevents these plastics re-entering and polluting the ocean.

As textile producers, we feel it’s our responsibility to consider our impact on the environment. We’re committed to making careful choices in everything we do, so that we tread lightly on our precious planet. These choices include the suppliers we use, the fabrics we make our collections from and our plastic free packaging. Read on to learn more about the removal of plastics from our business, our tips for small swaps in your home and our favourite sustainable bed linen.


Plastic free packaging

Sustainability is important to us so we’ve worked hard from the very beginning to remove all plastic packaging from our business, including plastic shopping bags, plastic product packaging and plastic courier bags.

Since 2006, our customers have received their full priced purchases in one of our reusable cotton laundry bags featuring a seasonal print. These have become collector’s items over the years. And when we are in sale, our customer purchases are packed in reusable cotton calico sale bags. All our sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, duvet inners, pillows and bedding essentials are presented in reusable fabric packaging and our clothing and sleepwear collections are tied neatly with a cotton ribbon. When sending online orders to our customers, we use courier bags made from compostable corn starch.

Small swaps at home

Celebrate Plastic Free July by making some simple changes at home. Evaluate everyday tasks to see where small swaps can be made. No matter how small, a change for the better can make a long-lasting difference to our planet.

Our tips for small swaps:
Replace plastic kitchen storage containers with glass, stainless steel or bamboo.
Replace plastic drink bottles with glass or stainless steel drink bottles.
Replace synthetic dish cloths with washable and reusable knitted cotton cloths.
Replace plastic food wrap with fabric dish covers.
Swap plastic laundry pegs for stainless steel pegs.
Minimise single use plastic by purchasing a bamboo or stainless steel cutlery set to have with you for eating on the run.
Refuse a plastic straw when purchasing a drink.
Choose clothing and bedding made from natural fabrics to help reduce micro-plastics entering our waterways.

Other tips for living more sustainably:
Swap paper napkins for planet friendly, washable and reusable fabric napkins.
Do your research and purchase quality items for your home that are made to last.
Wash your laundry in cold water and line dry when possible.
If you need to use the dryer, add our pure wool dryer balls which significantly reduce drying time, saving energy.


Conscious cotton

For enduring and sustainable style, discover our Purity bedding collection. Our Purity duvet cover sets, sheets and pillowcases are crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton, which is kinder on your skin and kinder on the planet. Organic cotton is produced free from chemicals and genetic modification, which minimises the manufacturing impact on the environment, the natural eco systems and the people who work with cotton. We carefully source fabric suppliers whose ethical and environmental values align with our own to produce a beautiful, sustainable and affordable organic cotton collection for our customers. Click on the link below to learn more about organic cotton, one of our favourite planet friendly fabrics.


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