Blissful Bedding Essentials

19 Mar, 2023

Essentials for a beautiful and comfortable bed

Experience a little luxury every night with bedding essentials crafted from the finest natural fibres and breathable fabrics. Invest in layers of beautiful bedding that has been thoughtfully designed with your comfort and the environment in mind. From luxurious mattress toppers and fresh cotton protectors to cosy duvet inners and plump pillows, discover our blissful bedding essentials.

Sleep deeply in a comfortable bed, cocooned in natural fibres and beautiful breathable fabrics.

Luxurious mattress toppers

Start building your dream bed with a luxurious layer. Feather your nest with our Downtime Mattress Topper for a supremely comfortable bed. Two layers of sumptuous bedding are crafted from ethically sourced feather and down and encased in pure cotton for a blissful, dreamy sleep.

For a feather alternative, try our Organic Cotton Mattress Topper. Crafted from unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton batting and covered in 290 thread count organic cotton. This beautifully soft topper is a fresh, breathable and sustainable choice for your bed. Our organic cotton bedding is produced free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, making it better for the planet, better for the people who grow the crops and better for you, our customers.

To extend the life of your mattress and mattress topper, we recommend using a mattress protector. These easy care bedding essentials are made from breathable pure cotton.


Dreamy duvet inners

Choosing the right duvet inner for your bed will make all the difference to your quality of sleep. The weight and warmth of a duvet inner is an important consideration when investing in good quality, luxurious and long-lasting bedding essentials. We swap out our duvet inners to match the season. For the coldest seasons and climes, we prefer the lofty toasty warmth of our Downtime Goose Duvet Inner. For the more moderate months and climates, our Downtime Duck Duvet Inner is the perfect weight for an all seasons bedding choice. For the warmer months (or if you’re a hot sleeper), try our pure NZ Wool or certified Organic Cotton Duvet Inners. Beautiful, comfortable and sustainable, discover which duvet inner is right for you.

A good nights’ sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Perfect pillows

Pillows are a very personal choice and it’s important to find the right pillow for the best nights’ sleep. From firm duck feather and supremely soft goose down to somewhere in between, we have pillows to suit everyone, whether you’re a back, side or restless sleeper.

Our sleeping pillow collection includes standard pillow inners and lodge pillow inners available in soft or supportive feather and down combinations plus great value polyfibre options. Our lodge pillow inners are larger and longer than standard pillows for luxury on a grand scale. Our European pillow inners are available in both feather and polyfibre and are perfect as styling pillows for added height and comfort on your bed.

To extend the life of your pillow inner, we recommend using a pillow protector. These easy care bedding essentials are made from breathable pure cotton.


Care instructions for feather and down duvet inners

Dry clean only – make sure your drycleaner knows how to handle feather and down products correctly.
Do not bleach, iron or steam.
Air duvet inner and pillow inners before first use and every 2-3 weeks thereafter.

Top Tip – feathers are a natural product and naturally attract moisture. To help maintain loft and reduce moisture, air your feather inners and pillows in regular doses of sunshine. If the sun is absent, spin your feather inner or pillow in a warm dryer for 5 mins maximum instead. Or if you have a heated floor, lay your feather bedding on it to loft it up beautifully.

Care instructions for organic cotton and wool duvet inners

We recommend airing your duvet inner before the first use and every 2-3 weeks thereafter to keep it feeling fresh.

Organic Cotton Duvet Inners
Dry clean only.
Make sure your drycleaner knows how to clean organic cotton products correctly.
Do not bleach, soak, iron or steam.

Wool Duvet Duvet Inners
Dry clean only.
Make sure your drycleaner knows how to clean wool products correctly.
Do not bleach, soak or leave wet.
Do not iron.

Top Tip – did you know that every Wallace Cotton product has a care label specific to that item? Follow these instructions carefully to ensure your item will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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