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Caring for brushed cotton flannel bed linen

Brushed cotton flannel is made by weaving fat cotton yarn into fabric then brushing the surface to create a soft fluffy feel, creating bedding that’s perfect for cosy winter beds.

Following our brushed cotton flannel bed linen caring tips will lengthen the life of your sheets and duvet cover sets to keep them looking and feeling beautiful for longer.


Care instructions for washing flannel bedding

Our flannel bedding is slightly oversized to allow for shrinkage during washing, this will ensure your fitted sheets will still fit the bed after laundering.
Shake flannel sheets before laundering to remove loose fibres and dust.
Cold machine wash and warm tumble dry to remove excess lint, it may take a few washes for linting to subside.
Clean out the dryer filter regularly as it will fill up fast with flannel fluff - don't be alarmed by the volume.
Shake each flannel item after drying, before folding or putting on bed (best to do this outside).
Avoid laundering flannel with dark bedding or clothing.
Do not soak. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Bleach can weaken bed linen fabric, and fabric softener contains silicon which creates a waterproof coating on textiles.


Our flannel bedding collection

Create cosy sleep sanctuaries for the whole family this autumn and winter with super soft brushed cotton flannel bedding. Perfect for the chilly months, our flannel bedding collection includes duvet cover sets, sheet sets, fitted sheets and pillowcases. Designed in classic colours and patterns for toasty warm, versatile styling on every bed in your home.

Top Tip – did you know that every Wallace Cotton product has a care label specific to that item? Follow these instructions carefully to ensure your item will be enjoyed for many years to come.


General washing tips

Learn about our laundering recommendations for bed linen and our tips for using laundry powder. Did you know we add shrinkage allowance to most of our collections? Find out more.


Our tips for fabric end of life care

When the snuggly has been snuggled out of your flannel bedding, we’ve got sustainable tips for recycling and repurposing your brushed cotton sheets and duvet covers. From using for kids dress ups and ghost costumes at Halloween to sofa fort building to save your nice sheets, discover ways to give your flannel bedding a second chance to prevent them from going to landfill.