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World Sleep Day 2024

11 Mar, 2024

World Sleep Day, Sleep and how to get more of it

We’re celebrating World Sleep Day on Friday 15 March, and treating it as a timely reminder to get more sleep. We love all things sleep and the health benefits of good sleep are too good to ignore. A good nights’ sleep is considered essential for mental and physical wellbeing, boosting your immunity, better brain function, aiding digestion and reducing stress levels. We love any excuse to stay in bed a little longer; read on to learn our easy to follow tips for improving your sleep.


Tip 1: Understand sleep patterns

Understanding your sleep cycle will help you get a better nights’ sleep. A good nights’ sleep can be measured in hours with 8 often the ideal number to achieve. However, sleep occurs in sleep cycles. From early deep sleep to periods of lighter sleep to deep and REM (vivid dreaming) sleep, your body and brain are very busy getting you your sleep. To help encourage good sleep, start by waking up at the same time every day and walk in the morning sunshine to reset your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is your internal 24 hour clock that regulates cycles of sleepiness and alertness by responding to light changes (day to night and night to day) in our environment.


Tip 2: Style a relaxing sleep sanctuary

Transform your bedroom into a calm space, designed to encourage sleep. Make your bedroom a clutter free zone, free of technology and distracting, light emitting screens. Think about what bedding is on your bed. Is it suitable for the season? Too hot or too cold? We always recommend choosing sheeting and duvet covers made from cotton or linen with feather, wool or cotton duvet inners. Natural fabrics and fibres are breathable and will help regulate your body temperature for a better night's’ sleep. Have extra layers at hand to pull up as evenings become cooler, such as throws or a lightweight blanket.


Tip 3: Make time to unwind

Create a night time routine to prepare yourself for sleep. Take a cool shower before bed and relax for a little while in fresh PJs or a soft robe. Turn off your phone, play soothing music, light a candle and read a few pages of a good book (not a murder mystery that will keep your mind racing all night!). Achieving a calm, relaxed state before bed will help sleep come more quickly. If things pop into your mind for your 'to do' list as you’re drifting off to sleep – keep a notepad beside the bed to jot them down.


Tip 4: Improve your sleep environment

With bedding crafted from natural fabrics on your bed and a wind down routine in place, the final tip for a better nights’ sleep is to improve your sleep environment. To operate at it’s best, your circadian rhythm needs a cool, darkened room to recognise that it’s night time and time for sleep (also a very handy tip for baby and children’s rooms too). Make your bedroom as dark as possible with blinds and blockout curtains. If your room is still too light, try wearing a soft eye mask to reduce wakeful light.


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