Our New Home Fragrance

07 Aug, 2023

Wallace Cotton Home Fragrance

We’re excited to introduce our new fragrance collection, exclusive to Wallace Cotton. From most-loved favourites to fresh scents, our candles, diffusers, tea lights and more are thoughtfully designed for your home and for effortless gifting. The responsible packaging is made using recyclable materials and features beautiful hand-painted designs. Read on to learn more from our Design Team about how our new home fragrance collection was created.


Scent Selection

Q: How did you choose the scents for the new home fragrance collection?
A: The new range features five fragrances. White Gardenia, Orange Blossom, French Pear, Pure Cotton and Citrus Cleanse. We wanted to include a range of scents to suit everyone, from floral and fruity to fresh, and also a kitchen candle scent for eliminating kitchen smells.

Q: Take us through the process of creating a new fragrance.
A: There are many steps in creating a new fragrance range including sniff-testing a lot of samples, choosing the vessel sizes and styles, lid styles and box styles. Once we selected our fragrances and chose our packaging, we then worked on designing how they would look – what style design would suit the collection as a whole and how this could be achieved for each fragrance individually.

Packaging design

Q: Tell us about the beautiful designs on the packaging.
A: All the designs on the packaging were painted in-house, using watercolour paints. The designs feature the top notes of each fragrance. We painted many leaves, flowers, lemons, oranges and pears which were then made into repeating patterns to wrap around the boxes. We chose a key colour for each fragrance to feature as a colour-block to ground the painterly designs.

Packaging features

Q: What factors were considered when creating the packaging?
A: We wanted the packaging to be gorgeous and compelling, a beautiful object designed to be gifted and self-gifted. We loved the idea of soft watercolour artwork to illustrate each fragrance, with the artwork style tying the entire range together. We used a colour-block feature on the front of the packaging for a few reasons. We considered how the packaging would look in-store on the shelf. The colour-block creates a moment of calm amongst patterns and can be merchandised/styled either front on or with the pattern view. It also creates an instantly recognisable colour-code for each fragrance. We chose colours that related to the fragrance but also would sit well amongst the tones of our other product in-store. The colour blocking has been carried through in our beautifully styled campaign images for instant recognition of each fragrance range.

We worked hard to keep the packaging as sustainable as possible, choosing recycled materials, paper stock and additional packaging only where necessary to prevent breakages in transit (which were also made from recyclable materials). Glass and plastic bottles are all recyclable and we also chose responsible packaging in the base box which is made from recycled materials and is re-recyclable. With no foil and no laminate, the packaging can break down easily in local kerbside recycling.

A reflection of what our customers love

Adding a fragrant candle or diffuser to any space in your home will instantly elevate the experience of being in that room. Scent is a powerful way to set or change the mood for an inviting, relaxing or uplifting feel. Our customers love using candles and diffusers as the ‘icing on the cake’ for finishing off beautiful layered styling in their homes, so it was important to us to create an elegant and contemporary range. Explore our new home fragrance collection and discover perfect scented pieces to make every day more beautiful (and fragrant!).


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