How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

19 Apr, 2023

Learn from our in-house expert

Have you ever struggled with folding a fitted sheet? Fitted sheets are such a great design with their elasticated hems creating a smooth, tidy finish when put on your bed but folding them into a smooth, tidy stackable sheet can defy all logic! Never fear, we have the solution – follow our in-house stylist Michelle’s easy step by step guide to folding a fitted sheet.

TOP TIP Start with a large surface area to fold your fitted sheet on such as your bed or dining table – plenty of space is your friend for this task!


STEP 1: Lay your fitted sheet flat

Fresh off the clothesline or warm out of the dryer, lay your fitted sheet out flat and neatly on your bed, with the elasticated side facing up.

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STEP 2: Match up the corner seams

Pick up both the bottom corners, turning them inside out in your hands and place the corner seam points inside the top corner seam points. Give the sheet a little shake while your hands are still holding the corners and then lay it down again. You should end up with a reasonably rectangle (or square) shape depending on the size of your sheet.

STEP 3: Fold sheet in half

Fold the sheet in half so you end up with one straight sharp edge and the elasticated sides sitting on top of each other.

STEP 4: Fold sheet into thirds

Now fold the sheet into half or thirds depending on the size of your sheet, so you end up with one long rectangle.

STEP 5: Fold sheet into square

Neatly fold the rectangle into thirds to end up with a tidy square shape for easy stacking on your linen cupboard shelves. If you prefer a rectangle result, fold the long rectangle into half and then half again.


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