Blunt X Wallace Cotton

28 Mar, 2023

A Favourite Returns in Fresh Blooms

Autumn 2023 saw the launch of a second collaboration between Blunt Umbrellas and Wallace Cotton. A must have accessory for the rainy months ahead, our new Secret Garden Blunt Umbrella features beautiful large scale hydrangea blooms in deep green and blue hues.

This most-loved Wallace Cotton floral combined with the innovative engineering of Blunt Umbrellas, will keep you dry in style all season long. Our Blunt Umbrella collaboration sold out twice last year and our beautiful new design is destined to be a sell-out too.

Team Work

We’re delighted to be working with Blunt Umbrellas for a second time. Our collaborations are an exciting opportunity for us to create a stunning product for our customers, while working with another favourite Kiwi brand.

With beautiful blooms, impeccable attention to detail and built to last, the limited edition Secret Garden Blunt Metro Umbrella is the ideal companion for being out and about in all kinds of weather. A handy compact size for your car, sports bag or handbag and beautifully packaged for effortless any occasion gifting.

Design Team Q&A

We chatted with our design team about what it means to collaborate with another kiwi business, why they picked the Secret Garden design to use and what it means to collaborate with Blunt Umbrellas again.

Q: How did the collaboration with Blunt Umbrellas begin?
A: Both our UK operations managers met at an NZTE function in London and came up with the idea to collaborate on a Wallace Cotton Blunt Umbrella.

Q: How did you choose which one of your beautiful designs to use for the collaboration?
A: We initially tried a few of our most popular floral prints and decided on the darker Secret Garden floral as it looks great with clothing and winter coats.

Q: What did it mean for your business to collaborate on a product with another favourite kiwi brand?
A: It was fun and exciting to work with an innovative brand like Blunt, and to see our beautiful prints cheer up a stormy day.

Q: How did you choose the design for the 2023 collaboration?

A: Our Secret Garden design has become a best seller and a much-loved print so when the opportunity to do a second print collaboration with Blunt arose, we knew this print would complement the Autumn 2023 season wonderfully.

Q: How does the Secret Garden design complement the autumn collection?

A: For Autumn 2023 we have used a pallet of dark blues and mossy greens drawing these colours into our cotton cashmere daywear range. The secret garden print sits in beautifully with this colour story, we also have the secret garden print coming in a new style of tote bag to complement the Blunt umbrella so when the sun is shining you have something to carry it in.

Q: What does it mean for your team to collaborate with this favourite kiwi brand for a second year?

A: We were blown away with how popular our first Blunt umbrella collaboration went, but equally knew that when you put two great Kiwi businesses together it is a recipe for success. It is lovely being able to see our customers favourite prints come to life in the new and ‘practical’ form of an umbrella and know that the product will have a long life because of the quality and innovation of the Blunt umbrella design.

About Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrellas have transformed the humble umbrella by combining superior engineering with beautiful design. Blunt Umbrellas are renowned for their collaborations with local artists and designers. We asked Blunt founder Greig Brebner, about what it means to collaborate with Wallace Cotton.

Q: How do you choose which brands to collaborate with?
A: It’s integral for Blunt to partner with brands who have values closely aligned to our own. Blunt values quality products that stand the test of time, a beautiful design aesthetic and brands that are doing their part for the betterment of the planet. Wallace Cotton have an aligned set of values in their beautiful design, use of organic and natural fibres and a focus on sustainability. The partnership was a great fit for us and one that we’re excited to see come to life.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about working with Wallace Cotton?
A: Working with Wallace Cotton has been a seamless experience, bringing together two best-in-field brands. The most gratifying part of this collaboration for me is the way in which the owners, and their families, are still deeply involved in their business. It has felt like the coming together of two families with a mutual respect and alignment of direction, a truly wonderful partnership.

Beautiful Blooms

Our Secret Garden design is featured in a most-loved bedding collection and new season accessories. Discover this beautiful print available in organic cotton duvet cover sets, matching pillowcases, as a practical tote bag and new bath bag. Elevate your Cotton Cashmere Loungewear this season and head out in style with a coordinating Secret Garden Blunt Umbrella to your local weekend market or while walking the dog.


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