Autumn Inspired Entertaining

10 Mar, 2023

Gather round

With the chill of autumn officially here, we’re getting our homes and menus ready for cosy evenings spent around the dining table with friends and family. Read on to discover how we’re styling our dining space this autumn, and be inspired by the warming menu we’re planning to serve our guests.

The great indoors

Make your evenings spent catching up with loved ones and friends last a little longer with welcoming touches. Style your dining table with seasonal tones to reflect the natural shades of autumn. Add touches of nature to your table with fresh foliage and flowers. When it’s too chilly to dine outdoors, consider what will make your guests more comfortable; try dressing your dining chairs with seat pads.
Table linens should enhance the experience without creating an overpowering look. Choosing layers which coordinate with and enhance each other will create a relaxed but beautiful space.


New In: Harvest and Olivine

Our new kitchen and table linens in calming shades for autumn, offer inspiration for entertaining at home. Our Olivine kitchen collection celebrates the simple but splendid olive with timesless ticking stripes and hand-painted designs ready for a new season of cooking. Create a welcoming, rustic feel for dining with our Harvest table linens. In natural and white gingham checks, the collection looks and feels familiar and comforting – perfect for entertaining loved ones.


Seasonal feasting

The arrival of autumn signals it’s time for harvest to begin. With a beautiful array of produce on offer, we relish the opportunity to consider what we’re serving at home. Our autumn menu for our family and entertaining guests revolves around using fresh vegetables in simple, comforting dishes. Eating veggies which are in season is great for our wellness as produce spends less time in transportation and storage resulting in more nutritious foods. The shorter the trip from the local farms to our dinner plates also reduces emissions creating a sustainable and delicious feast.


Our autumn menu

Starter: Green olives served in warm olive oil with fresh bread is a comforting, delicious and wholesome dish to welcome guests into your home.

Main: For a dish which nourishes and delights, serve a beautiful spread of roasted root vegetables with halloumi and an assortment of toppings such as your warmed olive oil, a whipped pea and feta dip, and a light citrus dressing. Accompany with your choice of protein.

Wine pairing: If your guests are of the red wine variety, we suggest trying this bottle. Our photoshoot team were very pleased to finish the day with a glass of this Primitivo.

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Recipe: Herb infused olive oil

Taking a little extra time to prepare the essential elements of your menu from scratch, makes the resulting experience meaningful for guests and is sure to impress your crowd. This autumn, we’re testing out infusing olive oil with our favourite herbs and flavours. Discover how to infuse herbs below:
• Using dry herbs ensures the longevity of the oil by eliminating extra moisture which reduces shelf life
• Warm pure extra virgin olive oil in a pot or saucepan over a low heat with your choice of dried herbs. Leave to simmer for 20-30 minutes
• Leave the oil to cool, then leave the herbs within the oil and bottle into a pourable container. Make sure your container is air tight and store in a cool cupboard.
• To serve, reheat the oil for a few minutes in a saucepan on medium heat. Serve with olives or on its own, ready to be mopped up with a fresh piece of sourdough x

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