A Holiday Inspired Home – Palma, Mallorca

04 Nov, 2021

With more time at home, we’ve found ourselves daydreaming about tropical islands and exotic holidays in far flung places. The dreamy destination of Palma in Mallorca has inspired our latest bedding collection. Palma offers all of the things we’re missing after a long-stint in isolation. Think bustling groups of tourists, narrow streets of beautiful architecture to get lost in, delicious food and the hot midday sun sending us indoors for an afternoon siesta.

Experience a little holiday at home to lift your spirits. Style your spaces with pieces inspired by a tropical vacation and take the time to enjoy simple pleasures. Join us on a journey of how we plan to spend a day off at home, inspired by the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

Good Morning: Make your bed with dreamy, tropical Palma bedding and turn off your alarm to enjoy a long sleep in. Once you finally leave the comfort of bed, move to the porch for an espresso style coffee wearing beautiful sleepwear inspired by nature (Sadie/Moondance). Prepare a breakfast of fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt with a side of pastries to share.

High Noon: Pick flowers from the garden (or your neighbours) to evoke the fresh feeling of nature in your home. Display them in a ceramic vase inspired by Mediterranean designs. If you’re feeling brave, venture out for an invigorating high-tide dip at your local beach. Warm up by snuggling under throws made of natural textures and linens - we love a colour palette inspired by the dry terrain of the Balearic Islands.

Afternoon Relax: When the heat reaches its peak, find a sunny spot in the garden to read a few chapters of your favourite book. Close your eyes under a sun hat for a peaceful siesta.

Evening Fun: When the sun begins to set, mix together a jug of sangria to enjoy with your loved ones. We can’t wait to try out this recipe over summer: https://www.mexico.net.nz/sangria-recipe

Serve up a seafood paella for a family dinner: https://dish.co.nz/recipes/seafood-paella/

Bedtime: After a long, relaxing shower, return to your Palma bed and dream about where you’re ‘travelling’ to next. Sweet dreams xx

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