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Tips to Improve Your Sleep

20 Jun, 2023

Dreaming of a good nights’ sleep?

Poor quality sleep can have a negative impact on our emotional well-being and physical health. Feeling well rested after a good nights' sleep allows us to maintain an even mood and improves mental and physical performance during the day. Plus you just feel better!

However, the struggle of falling and staying asleep and waking up feeling sluggish is all too common. Read on to discover our tips for achieving a better nights' sleep.


Understanding Your Sleep Cycle

The actions we take and the environment we’re exposed to during the day can impact the quality and ease of our sleep. Establishing regular sleep and wake times helps to optimise our internal sleep-wake cycle known as our circadian rhythm. Setting intentions, especially around the lights we expose ourselves to, will let our bodies know when it is time to be energised, and when it is time for rest.

To improve your circadian rhythm, increase the amount of bright and natural light you're exposed to during the day. We love to see the sun as soon as it comes up and exercise outdoors when the weather permits. In the hours before bed, use dim, warm-toned lights, and reduce exposure to blue light rays which are most commonly transmitted through electronic devices. This will signal to your body that the sun has set, and so should we.


Serene Bedroom Style

Feeling distracted or anxious before bed can prolong how long it takes to fall asleep, leading to sleep disruptions throughout the night. Style your bedroom to induce a sense of calm and to reduce any environmental triggers. Clear your space of clutter to encourage the same of your mind.

Incorporating touches of nature and calming, fragrant scents can help to reduce stress levels and enhance your mood. Beautiful bedding and relaxing homeware accents will help create a serene feel. Try the soft flickering glow of a candle or an aromatic scented diffuser.


Time to Unwind

Take the time to prepare your body for rest. Make a habit of practising routines to relax any tension in your body, such as a meditation, gentle stretching or a calming yoga session. Easy activities to encourage relaxation can include listening to soothing music or reading a book (try and avoid a murder mystery which may have your mind racing all night!).

Enjoying a steaming hot shower or long soak in the bath in the hour before bed. Feel completely relaxed while wrapped up in plush towels and a super soft robe while your body naturally cools down ready for sleep.


A Place to Dream

To help achieve a good nights’ sleep, make your bed as comfortable as possible.

Start from the base by layering a mattress topper. Depending on your preference, choose from a luxurious double layer of feather and down or a soft sustainable organic cotton option. Choose sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers made from breathable natural fabrics to help regulate your body temperature during the night. Consider fabric type, weight and texture of bedding for the feel and look you prefer. From relaxed pure linen and smooth cotton sateen to crisp cotton percale and soft organic cotton, there are fabric choices to suit every sleep preference.


Expert Advice

Our in-house Stylist Michelle is our expert on all things style related. Discover her tips for creating a relaxing sleep space.

Q: Do you have any tips for styling a relaxing look and feel in a bedroom?

A: "To create a relaxing look and feel in a bedroom, opt for soothing colours like soft neutrals or cool pastels. Our natural Loft linen or sage Nikau duvet print are perfect examples of calming bedding choices. Use high-quality breathable fabrics such as linen or high thread count cotton for sheeting. Floaty and soft drapes, sheer linen with a separate blackout track behind will help to keep the aesthetic dream-like and peaceful; and always take these to the ceiling to maximise the height and feeling of space in the room. Incorporate layers of plush pillows, goose feather and down gives the ultimate cushioning, sink in effect. Purposefully place throws for added comfort and convenience. Keep the space clutter-free and introduce elements of nature, such as potted plants or fresh flowers to promote a sense of tranquility."

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