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Sustainable solutions

When you’ve loved and used your Wallace Cotton bedding so much that you’ve worn it out, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for recycling or repurposing the fabric, for a sustainable ‘end of life’. And even though our collections are made from biodegradable fabrics, discover ways to give them a second chance and prevent them from going to landfill.

Our tips

Cut fabric into smaller pieces and use as cleaning cloths and dusters.
Remove and repurpose any buttons for sewing and kids craft projects.
Use fabric as weed mat in your garden.
Repurpose fabric as pet bedding at home or donate to an SPCA.
Repurpose towels as pet bedding, drying dogs off after rainy walks or donate to an SPCA.
Use fabric as drop cloths for painting or DIY projects.
Get crafty and make bunting out of patterned fabric items.
Use fabric for kids dress ups, crafts and ghost costumes at Halloween.
Use fabric for kids sofa fort building to save your nice sheets from getting ruined.