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Pyjamas, PJs or pajamas depending on your preference, are a classic sleepwear choice for both women and men. PJs are usually worn as a combination of a PJ Shirt and PJ Pants and are comfy for relaxing and sleeping in. Style a beautiful bedtime wardrobe with pyjamas made from organic cotton, modal and brushed cotton knit in pretty patterns and unique designs.

Trending Pyjama Sets for Autumn 2023

Modal pyjamas

Modal is made using natural cellulose fibres from wood pulp, creating a fabric that is comfortable, breathable and incredibly soft on the skin. With the silky smooth feel of satin, modal is a beautiful pyjama fabric. Made from modal, our Eden sleepwear features a painterly botanical design in blue hues and is available in a robe, a nightie, an empress nightie, a PJ shirt, PJ pants and sleep shorts. The pink gingham check of our Frankie modal sleepwear is a pretty design, available in a robe, a nightie, nightshirt, long and short sleeved PJ shirts, PJ pants, PJ shorts or sleep shorts and a cami.

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Flannel pyjamas

Pyjamas and sleepwear made from brushed organic cotton knit (or flannel) feels soft and cosy to wear in autumn and winter. Our favourite flannel pyjamas are the PJ shirts, PJ pants and nightshirts in our Estelle, Haze and Pippa sleepwear collections. Estelle features white stars on a pink base, Haze is a blue and white gingham check and Pippa has a dainty white floral on a navy base.

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5 tips for buying pyjamas

1. Style

There are lots of pyjama styles to choose from. From a classic PJ Shirt and PJ Pants to Sleep Shorts and Camis or PJ Pants with a Tee, pick styles that are comfy for you to wear all night long. It’s a good idea to have a selection of styles in your bedtime wardrobe so you can mix and match pieces to suit changeable weather.

2. Fabric

We recommend buying pyjamas made from natural and breathable fabrics. Natural fabrics such as cotton organic cotton and modal will help you regulate your body temperature, resulting in a better nights’ sleep.

3. Size

Comfort is key when you’re sleeping. Choose pyjamas in a size that are roomy, a little bigger than you would normally choose clothing, which will allow ease of movement while sleeping or relaxing.

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4. Colour

Pyjamas come in a huge range of colours, patterns and prints. Classic pyjama colours are fresh white and striped designs. But most importantly, choose a design that makes you feel good and you love wearing. We like to wear darker, warmer toned PJs in autumn and winter and lighter, brighter colours and prints for summer and spring.

5. Price

With our sustainable approach to textiles, we prefer spending a little more and investing in good quality PJs that are made to last, instead of lower priced ‘fast fashion’ PJs. Consider the environment when purchasing your pyjamas!

Pyjamas NZ FAQs

Q. Why should you wear pyjamas to bed?
A. Putting on your PJs signals to your body that it’s time to relax, that you’re ready for bed and sleep. Pyjamas are roomy, allowing important movement when you’re sleeping. During the night, the ambient temperature will fluctuate and cool, particularly in the early hours of the morning. Wearing pyjamas will keep you warm and prevent you waking when the temperature drops, ensuring a better nights’ sleep. And wearing pyjamas to bed improves the hygiene of your bed by keeping your sheets cleaner.

Q. Why do they call it pyjamas? Why are they called pyjamas?
A. The term pyjamas originates from the Hindi word payjama, paejama or pai jama which translates as ‘garment for the legs’. Pyjamas were originally loose pants for men tied with a cord at the waist. The name has stuck, and pyjamas as we know them today are still all about comfort.

Q. What is a good fabric for pyjamas?
A. The best fabric for pyjamas is fabric that is natural and breathable such as cotton, organic cotton, silk and modal.

Pyjamas Caring Tips

Sleep in fresh PJs

Caring properly for your pyjamas will protect your purchase and help the fabric last longer. We recommend washing your PJs regularly and having several sets to choose from so you’re able to wear fresh PJs twice a week.

Our top laundering tips

Most of our range prefers a cold machine wash with a mild detergent.
Avoid washing with bleaches, enzyme detergents or fabric conditioner.
To maintain colour, turn pyjamas inside out to launder and dry in the shade.
To help keep whites white, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to your wash.
Fold pyjamas straight off the washing line while they’re flat and fresh.
For best results, iron cotton pyjamas while slightly damp using a steam iron.

P.S. Every Wallace Cotton sleepwear item has a care label specific to the fabric the product is made from. Please follow these laundering instructions carefully to ensure your PJs will be enjoyed for years to come.

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