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Our secret to a great night’s sleep

02 Nov, 2020

A great night’s sleep can make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the day. Restful and restorative sleep is important for coping with the busyness of life plus there are many benefits for your health and wellbeing such as improved immunity, mood and memory.

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary

Purchase the best bed you can afford
Make your bed with good quality sheets and keep them freshly laundered
Choose the right weight duvet inner for the season
Sleep on a comfy and supportive pillow
Add an extra layer ready to pull up if the night gets chilly
Adjust the atmosphere – a quiet, cool and darkened room

Adopt bedtime rituals to help you unwind

Switch off your phone to disconnect from the distractions of the outside world
Use table lamps for evening lighting as they throw a softer muted glow
Take a relaxing bath with essential oils and light fragrant candles
Pop on your PJ’s and read a few pages of your favourite book with a cuppa
Climb into fresh sheets and beautiful bedding and make yourself comfy
When drowsy, switch off your bedside light and enjoy a restful sleep

Our secret to a great night’s sleep

The final step to blissful sleep, is making sure you have the perfect PJs. Choosing beautiful and comfortable sleepwear is essential (and our secret) to a great night’s sleep. Sleepwear that is designed well and is made from natural fabrics such as light breathable organic cotton and soft plant-based modal, will help you regulate your body temperature to sleep soundly.

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