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Organise your Home for the New Year

28 Dec, 2023

Make a fresh start

A new year offers the opportunity for a fresh start. We’re evaluating the spaces we live in, finding ways to make life easier, simpler and a little more stylish. Discover our tips for decluttering, streamlining and organising your home for a clean start to the new year.


The bedroom

We think bedrooms should be sleep sanctuaries, a place to relax, rest and recharge your batteries. We’re starting the new year afresh by decluttering the bedroom of ‘stuff’ that often gets deposited during our daily lives. Take everything off bedside tables, dust and replace with only a bedside light, a candle and a favourite family pic. Choosing bedside tables with drawers offers extra storage for all those bits you’re not sure what to do with. Place a tray on top of a chest of drawers for perfumes and a jewellery box. Replace plastic coat hangers with wooden or fabric covered hangers. Update bedding with fresh sheets made from sustainable organic cotton for a clean and conscious start to the year.


The bathroom + laundry

Treat your bathroom to a quick and easy make over for the new year. Update towels with fresh, colour coordinated towels, hand towels and face cloths. Donate old towels to the SPCA. Clear out the bathroom cabiniet and recycle old and expired beauty and bathroom products. Add fresh fragrance with a candle or diffuser for a beautiful aromatic experience. Declutter and restack your linen cupboard into satisfyingly neat piles, organised by bed size. Decant laundry powders into stylish storage containers. Replace plastic pegs with planet friendly stainless steel pegs.


Living + dining spaces

We love entertaining in comfortable living and dining spaces. Organise these areas for a new year of hosting by updating cushion covers and throws on your sofa. Replace any tired cushion inners with super comfy plump feather inners. Declutter your coffee and side tables and restyle with stacks of interesting hardcover books, candles and fresh flowers and provide coasters for drinks. If you have a sideboard, take a close look at the items placed on top. We recommend styling table lamps at either end for lovely evening lighting, a large mirror, fresh flowers and a beautiful drinks tray ready for entertaining.


The kitchen

The heart of the home often becomes a dumping zone for everything from kids school bags and paperwork to car keys and laptops. Create a space for the ‘arrival home’ so everyone can place their items in one dedicated area to help keep the kitchen clutter free. Give your fridge a thorough clean and remove any expired items. Use glass jars to store fridge staples and try dish covers instead of plastic wrap. Empty and re-stack your plate cupboard, removing any chipped bowls, cups or plates. Recycle unwanted items by taking them to a charity shop. Style your kitchen and table with fresh linens and accessories for a new look to start the year.


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