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Organise with intention

02 Nov, 2020

Follow these quick tips for a mini home makeover

Love your linen

Organise your linen cupboard so duvets and sheets are grouped together for each bed in your home. Add some lovely fragrance to keep your linen smelling beautiful and fresh.


A change is as good as a rest

Rearrange your furniture to give your home a new feel and give yourself a fresh perspective. For an extra update, add a new rug, cushions or throws for colour, texture and warmth.


What’s in the fridge?

Give your fridge an early spring clean and throw away any expired items. Use glass jars to store fridge staples and try some beeswax wraps or dish covers instead of plastic wrap.


The dish ran away with the spoon

Empty and re-stack your plate cupboard, removing any chipped bowls, cups or plates. Recycle unwanted items by taking them to a charity shop. Declutter and clean your utensil and cutlery drawers for sparkling, spotless and easy to find spoons.

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