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Caring for feather and down

Cocoon yourself in a cloud of comfort with luxurious and lofty layers from our Downtime collection. Our Downtime bedding essentials of duvet inners, pillow inners and mattress toppers are made from duck and goose feather and down. We source the feather and down from carefully chosen suppliers who hold a current DOWNPASS certification. This means the feather and down is ethically harvested; supply chains are regularly audited and stringent hygiene requirements are met.

Purchasing good quality duvet inners, mattress toppers and pillows is an investment, so it’s worth taking the time to care for your feather and down correctly.


Care instructions for feather and down

Dry clean only – make sure your drycleaner knows how to handle feather and down products correctly.
Do not bleach, iron or steam.
Air duvet inner and pillow inners before first use and every 2-3 weeks thereafter.

Top Tip – feathers are a natural product and naturally attract moisture. To help maintain loft and reduce moisture, air your feather inners and pillows in regular doses of sunshine. If the sun is absent, spin your feather inner or pillow in a warm dryer for 5 mins maximum instead. Or if you have a heated floor, lay your feather bedding on it to loft it up beautifully.


Our Downtime collection

Feather your nest with luxurious layers of beautiful bedding essentials designed to keep you comfortable for the best night’s sleep. Experience the blissful comfort of a Downtime Mattress Topper made from two layers comprising a base layer of white duck feather and a lofty top layer of super soft duck down. Choose a Downtime Duvet Inner made from either duck feather and down for all seasons sleeping, or goose down with a touch of feather designed for winter and cooler climes. Our lofty Downtime Pillow Inners are designed to offer comfort whether you’re a back, side or restless sleeper.


General washing tips

Now you know how to care for your feather and down bedding essentials, discover our general laundering tips to care for your bed linen and our advice on laundry powder. Do you know our tip for keeping your whites bright white? It’s simple and easy to follow, read more here.


Our tips for fabric end of life care

When it’s time to refresh your bedding essentials, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for recycling your feather and down duvet inners. From luxurious pet bedding for Rex and hand me downs for the kids off to uni to using as cosy underlay beneath your winter sheets, explore ways to prevent your inners from going to landfill.