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Autumn Collection Q+A

04 Mar, 2022

Home Comforts

We love watching Mother Nature’s brilliant autumn display as leaves turn rich shades of oranges, reds and russet browns. The thought of longer evenings indoors by the fire with delicious warming food to share is comforting.
Create a cosy, welcoming home you won’t want to leave with pieces from our autumn collection. Choose from bed linen, homeware, loungewear and sleepwear featuring unique designs, rich colours, natural fabrics and soft textures.

We asked our Design team about the inspiration for this collection and why they love autumn.

We love watching Mother Nature’s brilliant display as leaves turn rich shades of oranges, reds and russet browns.

What’s inspired the designs and colour palette of this collection?

Paula Wallace – Design Director
A: Our design mantra is simple, it just has to be beautiful, whether a painterly floral of some favourite blooms, or the perfect stripe sequence and colour. We understand how the light in NZ affects how we dress our homes, so colour and textures are really important when designing a range. Considering we haven’t been able to travel over the last two years, our team has been more creative than ever, tuning into our local environment for design themes that will resonate with our audience.

Amy Wait – Textile Designer
A: We’ve looked to nature, to the ever-changing sky and the moody palette of soft blues and greys that it creates. This has been complemented with the organic beauty of hydrangeas in a painterly style using deeper shades of green and navy blues which adds a depth to the range and coordinates beautifully with the warm tones of biscotti and natural.

How do the pieces within this collection work together for a coordinated look?

Paula Wallace – Design Director
A: It’s lovely seeing the connection between soft, muddy blues and warm earthy tones, in our Loft Linen colours. They harmonise perfectly with our seasonal prints, adding a calmness to Secret Garden’s rambling painterly flowers, whilst adding serenity to Dreamtime. Our unique velvet bedding is always luscious, with beautiful colours handpicked to snuggle up with our seasonal bed linen.

Chris Roch – Design Director
A: I love the new Secret Garden bedding, with its amazing depth of colour and brushstrokes to create a true painterly autumn floral, layered with sumptuous Moonlight velvet quilts, just perfect.

Amy Wait – Textile Designer
A: Our collections are designed so that items will work with pieces across the range. We have loved the Mist / French blue colour which has been used throughout the collection from our seasonal linen and Dreamtime duvet cover to cushions, velvet quilts and throws.

What are your tips for styling the new season bedding in your home?

Paula Wallace – Design Director
A: I love adding layers of comfort to the bed plus chairs in the room, so there is always the option to get warmer or cooler during the night. We have a velvet headboard, so it is nice to add simple washed linen sheets and as the days get shorter and our bright NZ light fades, I will let loose with a beautiful passionate duvet (Secret Garden as hydrangeas are still my fav) and a French blue velvet quilt and euros.

Amy Wait– Textile Designer
A: Start with a piece you love and layer it up with colour and texture.

What are you most looking forward to about autumn?

Paula Wallace – Design Director
A: Eating feijoas, the price of lemons and limes coming down, the nights being a bit cooler so we can sleep better. Menus changing from salads to roasts and soups.

Chris Roch – Design Director
A: I love watching the garden changing to new autumn shades. Wearing soft merino cardigans in fun colours makes me feel happy and warm. Always a great time to make soups and enjoy a wonderful roast with some good wine! I love going to someone’s house who has a real log fire, bliss.

Amy Wait – Textile Designer
A: Autumn is my favourite season, I love the shift in nature as leaves begin to change colour. I love the cooler days where you can start to dress warmer and layer up and the cosy nights snuggled up reading inside. Autumn is a time where you can allow yourself to slow down and reflect.

Q: What have you most enjoyed about designing this season?

Paula Wallace – Design Director
A: I love it when the range comes together like a beautifully coordinated jigsaw puzzle.

Amy Wait – Textile Designer
A: Playing with subtly of colour and how it sets the mood of a room.

Q: Which piece from this collection are you most excited to bring into your home?

Paula Wallace – Design Director
A: The new vibrant linen tea towels featuring our seasonal designs will be quite at home in my kitchen.

Chris Roch – Design Director
A: I think it would have to be the new cotton velvet cushions to layer onto my sofa, or one of the beautiful, knitted Barley throws.

Amy Wait – Textile Designer
A: The Dreamtime duvet cover or the Jolie sleepwear nightie.

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