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Winter Wellness

12 May, 2023

Our Tips for Winter Wellness

With more time spent indoors, winter is the perfect season to make your well-being a priority. Looking after your physical and mental health will help prevent catching winter chills and ills. And the best part about heading out on a winter’s day is the pleasure of returning home to cosy, nourishing comfort. Discover our tips for optimising rest, relaxation and nutrition for winter – the Wallace Cotton way.


Take Time To Wind Down

Develop a relaxing evening routine to switch off from the outside world, reduce stress levels and get ready for a solid 8 hours sleep. Unwind from your day with a steaming hot shower or soothing bath and wrapping up in a cosy robe to feel cosy comfy at home. Make your bathroom a relaxing haven which instantly evokes a sense of calm and self care by layering plush textured towels and lighting a fragrant candle.


Nourishing Mind and Body

Prioritise eating nutritient dense, comforting foods during winter to protect your immune system. Feed your mind and soul by catching up with friends and family at home over a warming menu to stay connected during winter and meet your social needs in an enjoyable way.


Try Something New

Take a little time for yourself and try a new practise which encourages relaxation and makes you feel good. Before bedtime try a yoga flow or meditation, switching off your screens for the few hours before bed and curling up on the sofa with a relaxing book and a hot cuppa.

Prioritise Your Sleep

Look forward to the promise of a cosy, comfortable and restful sleep. Build a dreamy winter bed with warming soft flannel or high thread count sheets, feather and down layers, soft blankets and cloud-like pillows. Winter is the perfect season for feather and down duvet inners, mattress toppers and pillows. Our Downtime collection is extra warm, lofty and breathable. A luxurious mattress topper will add an extra element of comfort and warmth which will make your bed even more blissful.


And So To Bed

Prepare yourself for sleep with relaxing bedtime routines for winter. Enjoy a long soak in a warm bath accompanied by fragrant candles. Wrap up in a soft robe to sip on a cup of warming herbal tea which offers comfort and aids digestion. Spray your pillows with a soothing pillow mist and apply a relaxing pulse point oil before closing your eyes.


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