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Sleep Survey Results

19 Jun, 2023

The Wallace Cotton Sleep Survey

We wanted to understand more about sleep so we invited our community from around the world to take part in our first ever sleep survey. We asked questions covering everything from how many pillows people sleep with and how many hours sleep a night to how often they change their sheets. We love hearing from our customers so we were delighted by the responses of nearly 3000 people.

Read on to see the results of our sleep survey and discover our tips for improving your sleep.

Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Struggling to fall asleep?

Disturbed sleep seems a common issue across the respondents with 65.3% of people having trouble falling asleep at least once a week and 11.5% struggling almost every night. In correlation with those figures, a worrying statistic from our sleep survey revealed that 45.4% of individuals use electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets every night in the hour before bed.

We recommend putting down your phone or device at least one hour before bed to help your circadian rhythm prepare for sleep. Make sure you have a comfortable bed that’s not too hot or too cold with natural, breathable beddding to help regulate your body temperature. If your bedroom is too light, try a soft eye mask to reduce wakeful light for a better nights’ sleep.


Prioritise your sleep

Deep, restorative sleep is so important for our health and well-being. Nearly half of our respondents do not feel rested when they wake in the morning. Prioritise your sleep by evaluating and refreshing every element invloved in your bedtime routine. Try new comfy, breathable PJs, fresh sheets made from organic cotton or pure linen, swap out your duvet inner to suit the season and treat yourself to a new pillow.

How often do you wake during the night or have disturbed sleep?

35% say sometimes
36.5% say most of the time

How often do you feel well rested when you wake up in the morning?

39.8% say sometimes


What helps you fall asleep?

We discovered that our respondents use a variety of different methods to fall asleep. From reading a book and melatonin supplements to scented humidifiers and white noise sounds, the statistics are interesting and varied. How do you fall asleep? We love creating a tranquil feel in our bedroom before bedtime with soft lighting, a warm cuppa and the gentle aromatic glow of a scented candle to calm the senses.

Do you use any of the following to aid in falling asleep?

60.6% of people read a book to aid falling asleep
13.1% use melatonin supplements
11.2% use white noise or rain sounds
7.7% use mediation apps
3.2% use scented humidifiers


How often are you washing your sheets?

We’re pleased to hear that the majority of people are changing their sheets on a weekly basis. We definitey recommend this frequency to ensure accumulated dirt, sweat and allergens are eliminated regularly. And let’s face it, there’s nothing nicer than going to bed in freshly laundered sheets, a little luxury to enjoy every night. Clean sheets make your bed more comfortable for a better nights’ sleep. Discover our Fabric Care Guides through the link below for our laundering tips and tricks.

How often do you change your sheets?

68.8% once a week
23.2% say once every two weeks


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