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Fabric Focus: Feather + Down

11 Jun, 2024

Feather Weather

Feather your nest with luxurious layers of beautiful bedding designed to keep you cosy and comfortable for the best night’s sleep. Our Downtime collection of feather and down bedding essentials includes duvet inners, pillow inners and mattress toppers. These beautiful layers for your bed are designed to suit every season and all sleeping preferences. Read on to learn more about this luxurious and lofty collection.

DOWNPASS Certification

For your peace of mind, we source the feather and down for our Downtime collection from carefully chosen suppliers who hold a current internationally recognised DOWNPASS certification.
This certification guarantees that our suppliers processes and supply chain are regularly audited and inspected. This ensures that all feather and down material is collected ethically as a bi-product, is thoroughly cleaned and of good quality to meet our rigorous standards and expectations.

Duck Feather + Down

Our Downtime duck feather products offer accessible luxury, designed to be used on every bed. Our Downtime Duck Duvet Inner is the perfect all season inner for moderate climates filled with ethically sourced white duck down (60%) and white duck feather (40%). Lofty, light and warm, designed to keep you comfortable for sleeping in all climates. Mix with our Duck Standard Feather Pillow which offers great support for side sleepers to complete a cosy bed.


Goose Feather + Down

Feel the cold or live in a chilly climate? Our Downtime Goose Duvet Inner is the warmest inner for the coldest nights. Lightweight, lofty and very warm, enjoy a touch of cosy luxury every night. Our Downtime Goose Inner has a high percentage of goose down for a soft, dreamy sleep with a filling of 85% white goose down and 15% white goose feather. The high ratio of goose down makes this inner warm, soft and exceptionally lightweight. Add a Downtime Luxury Goose Pillow Inner for blissful sleep. Beautifully soft and light while still giving you excellent support, the fill comprises 50/50 white goose down/white goose feather and is recommended for back sleepers.


Care Tips for Feather + Down

Purchasing good quality duvet inners, mattress toppers and pillows is an investment, so it’s worth taking the time to care for your feather and down items properly. We recommend to dry clean only – make sure your dry cleaner knows how to handle feather and down products correctly. Top Tip – feathers are a natural product and naturally attract moisture. To help maintain loft and reduce moisture, air your feather inners and pillows in regular doses of sunshine. If the sun is absent, spin your feather inner or pillow in a warm dryer for 5 mins maximum instead to loft it up beautifully.


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