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2023 A Clean Start

07 Feb, 2023

A fresh perspective

We’re making the most of a new year – starting afresh with a clean approach to caring for and styling our homes. We’re prioritising wellness and sustainability and looking for ways to make every day household practices more enjoyable, simpler and fuss free.

Discover our tips for styling and organising your home ready for 2023.


Declutter to de stress

We love the saying ‘tidy house – tidy mind’. A build up of clutter can negatively impact mental health by increasing stress levels and causing issues with focus. There’s nothing nicer than a pristine kitchen island or clear coffee table for inspiring a sense of calm!

Tips for decluttering,
It can be overwhelming deciding where to start. Pick one room per week or allocate a weekend to each room, be brave and begin. Take time to consider what you truly need, and what can go. Ask yourself; when was the last time I used this? Where am I running out of storage? Make a plan for the items you no longer need – charity shop, recycling or repurposing or the bin as a last resort.

With what’s left; organise and store the items you use most often in easily accessible places. This way you’ll find it easier to have everyday essentials such as keys and sunglasses on hand without hindering your interior styling. Beautiful storage baskets are a great way to keep ‘bits and pieces’ organised.


Refresh spaces to bring you joy

Take a moment to look at your home with fresh eyes. Consider which areas or rooms you enjoy spending the most time in, which spaces make you feel relaxed and where you’re the most productive.

Whether you love entertaining or prefer a quiet corner with a book, are an avid gardener or are a mix of all of the above – treat your spaces to mini makeovers. By beautifying your favourite areas, you’ll enjoy spending more time there, doing the things you love. Make the areas you like to relax in more comfy with a new throw and cushions to sink into, spark menu inspiration with fresh kitchen linens and find stylish outfits perfect for both entertaining and pottering around in the garden.


Sleep sanctuary style

We love sleep! Transform your bedroom into a tranquil and restful space to encourage restorative sleep. Consider the styling for your bed; are you a ‘less is more’ or ‘more is more’ kind of person?

Less is More styling prefers a simpler, clean look using plain colours, muted or natural tones, fresh white or timeless stripes with minimal layering elements and only essential sleep pillows.

A More is More bed style would use pattern and colour with several sets of styling pillows, cushions plus a coordinating quilt (and possibly a throw) over a printed duvet cover for a beautiful, layered look.

Choose bedding and styling accents in designs and a colour palette that makes you feel happy, every time you walk into your bedroom.


Curate the linen cupboard

Extend your decluttering and organising efforts to the linen cupboard. Take everything out and make piles of the pieces you love and will always want to keep, bedding for the current beds in your home, bedding that no longer fits any beds in your home and worn out or old bedding.

When you’re ready to re-stack your linen cupboard, organise bedding together in bed size or room groupings to make it easier to find when you’re changing the sheets. Make tidy stacks of spare towels, blankets and quilts along with off season duvet inners. Pass on spare bedding to family and donate any unwanted bedding to a charity shop, to the SPCA or repurpose for kids activites, crafting or even use as weedmat in the garden.

Having a clear out will highlight any bedding items you’re missing. Make a note of any new pieces you need to purchase, considering your fabric preferences before buying. We recommend investing in bed linen and bedding crafted from natural fabrics such as organic cotton, cotton, pure linen, wool, and ethically harvested feather and down, which are breathable and feel beautiful to sleep in.

Look forward to feeling refreshed knowing your linen cupboard is tidy and organised - bring on luxurious weekend sleep ins spent in your perfect bed!


Planet friendly style

We’re continually looking for ways to be more sustainable (in our business and) at home, considering how the choices we make impact our environment. When it comes to choosing new bed linen, homeware and sleepwear this year, here are our simple tips to help make a difference.

Feel Good Fabrics
Where possible, choose certified organic cotton or pure linen bedding, homeware and sleepwear. These sustainable fabrics are breathable, biodegradable and better for you, for the people growing and weaving the products and for the planet.

Reduce Waste
Purchase items that are packaging free and say no to single use plastic packaging on bed linen, homeware and sleepwear.

The better you look after your bed linen, homeware and sleepwear – the longer it will last meaning less waste will be sent to landfill. Follow laundering instructions carefully as each item has care details specific to the fabric it’s made from, and your bedding and garments will love you for it.

Did you know…
Since 2015, most of our bedding has been packaged in fabric rather than plastic. Our in-store customers enjoy their full priced purchases packaged in a complimentary cotton laundry bag. And our online orders are shipped in corn-starch bags which are biodegradable, carbon-neutral and compostable.


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