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Knowing that mattress shapes can be challenging on yachts, we can custom-make sheets, mattress protectors, and bedcovers to fit each berth as required, along with supplying pillows, duvet inners and covers or comforters, bath linen and robes, and linen for dining and the galley.

Samples of each fabric can be ordered, with initial price indications based on standard sizes. For custom sizes, we just require a template of each mattress to ensure the best fit. Once we know which fabric is required, and where the yacht is based, we can ship your order to your port of choice. A quotation will be made based on the requirements of each project, with shipping costs specified if required. White Cloud bed linen will be delivered in labelled cabin cotton bags to simplify your laundry duties.

To help make your bedding fit perfectly, either send us a template for each mattress from the manufacturer, or you can send us your mattress measurements.

Measuring yacht mattresses

Draw an approximate shape of each mattress. Include any odd corner shapes or if the mattress is straight on one side and curved or tapered on other side. Many multiple cabin berths are straight through the middle where there is a walkway through the cabin, then shaped on the side to accommodate hull shape or other cabins.

Name each mattress drawing so that they can easily be identified when we make your boat linen, i.e: port side forward port cabin, starboard side port cabin, aft starboard guest cabin, master cabin and so on.

Now add measurements to each drawing

Measuring length: measure length in cm from head of mattress to foot at longest point, plus at shortest point if mattress is odd shape.

Measuring width: measure width in cm at head and foot plus extra widths if mattress is tapered or shaped from head to foot or wider through middle.

Measuring depth: measure the mattress depth in cm without squashing mattress.