World Sleep Day

12 Mar, 2023

We Love Sleep

Friday 17th of March is World Sleep Day and we’re celebrating all things sleep related. A good nights’ sleep is considered essential for mental and physical wellbeing, boosting your immunity, better brain function, aiding digestion and reducing stress levels. We consider ourselves experts in the art of rest and relaxation and have been designing bed linen and sleepwear to make bedtime a blissful experience. We love any excuse to stay in bed a little longer; read on to discover our tips for making the most of your sleep.


Create a Sleep Sanctuary

Style your bedroom so you look forward to bedtime every night. Choose bed linen in soothing colours that make you feel relaxed – that might be moody, cool tones or warmer, inviting colours, or simple serene white. Layering your bed with pattern and texture in quilts, throws, pillows and cushions makes an inviting place to sink into. Extra pillows and cushions create a cocoon of comfort for sleeping or to enjoy while reading or sipping your morning coffee. Lovely layers are ideal in every season so you can easily adjust your temperature for the best nights’ sleep.

We’re thrilled to hear there’s a World Sleep Day as we’re all about celebrating sleep.

What’s Your Sheet Style?

Have you considered how important your sheets are to your sleep? Sheets are an essential element for good sleep and with a wide range to choose from, it’s helpful to understand the feel of the fabric to know what suits you best. For a beautifully casual, ‘lived in’ look and feel, try our pure European Loft Linen sheets which get softer and softer the more you launder them. For a lighter, fresher feel (and perfect for warm sleepers), crisp cotton percale Heirloom or sustainable organic cotton Purity sheets are perfect. With a heavier weight, our hight thread count, sumptuous cotton sateen Imperial and Monarch sheets are smooth, elegant and luxuriously soft.


Bedding Essentials

Consider refreshing the essential layers of your bed to help improve your sleep. It’s a good idea to swap your bedding out each season with layers to suit the change in temperature. For the cooler months of autumn and winter, transform your bed into a cloud of comfort with Downtime feather and down mattress toppers, duvet inners and pillow inners which will keep you comfy and cosy. For the warmer months of spring and summer (or if you’re a hot sleeper) discover our collection of lighter weight, sustainable organic cotton toppers and duvet inners.

We love wearing our PJs for as long as possible and can’t wait to get back into them at the end of our day.

Perfect PJs

Comfortable sleepwear is key to a good nights’ sleep. Choose relaxed styles made from natural, breathable fabrics to help regulate your temperature. It’s an added bonus when your PJs happen to be beautiful too, so you can wear them from bed to breakfast in comfort and style. Take time to start the day slowly with a favourite cuppa – we love wearing our PJs for as long as possible and can’t wait to get back into them at the end of our day.


Bedtime Rituals

Enjoy calming bedtime rituals to help wind down ready for sleep. Wash the day away with a steaming hot shower or a long soak in the tub. Wrap up in a cosy robe or pop on your PJs to relax with a cup of tea. Light a frangrant candle, disconnect from the outside world and enjoy a few pages of your favourite book. As you start to feel drowsy, sink into fresh sheets and switch off your bedside light.
Night night x


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