Ways to live more sustainably

13 Sep, 2023

A planet friendly approach

As textile producers, we feel it’s our responsibility to consider our impact on the environment and make our business as sustainable as possible. We’re committed to making careful choices so that we tread lightly on our precious planet. These choices include the suppliers we use, the fabrics we make our collections from and our plastic free packaging. Our beautiful bed linen, homeware and sleepwear ranges are thoughtfully designed to last and are made in small batches to reduce wastage.

Becoming more sustainable in our everyday lives is a simple and rewarding way of reducing our impact on the planet. Even small changes can make a long lasting difference. Read on to discover our tips for living more sustainably at home.


Going Green in the Garden

Growing your own veges, herbs and salad greens is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint (and your food bill!). Typically, most fresh food bought from a supermarket includes a ‘food mile’ cost to the planet for transportation and fossil fuel emissions. However, if grown at home, this cost is dramatically reduced.

If you’re new to gardening, start with herbs and salad greens which need good soil, a little sunshine and watering to grow. Herbs and salad greens do equally as well in pots on the deck or a sunny windowsill as they do in a garden bed. The simple joy that comes from preparing a fresh salad from your own garden is worth the effort. And you can happily claim that no food miles were part of the cost!

A Sustainable Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is the perfect place to make a few simple changes and instantly improve your sustainability. To reduce your impact on the environment, the key items to remove (and recycle) are plastic bags, plastic storage containers, paper towels, synthetic washcloths and plastic food wrap. Planet friendly alternatives to plastic are glass or stainless steel storage containers. Swap paper towels for bamboo towels, synthetic washcloths for knitted cotton washcloths and use fabric dish cover sets instead of plastic wrap.

Our tips for reducing food waste.
Transform stale bread into crutons for soup and salads.
Make soup from leftover veges (add a wedge of blue cheese for extra flavour).
Freeze partially used pasta sauces, loaves of bread and leftovers.
Purchase food to a weekly meal plan to prevent over buying which can lead to wastage.
Start a compost bin.


Small Swaps

Evaluate your everyday tasks to see where small sustainable changes can be made. No matter how small, a change for the better can make a big difference to the planet.

Our tips for small swaps.
Wash your laundry in cold water and line dry when possible. If you need to use the dryer, add our pure wool dryer balls which significantly reduce drying time, saving energy.
Minimise single use plastic – purchase or pack a bamboo or stainless steel cutlery set to keep in your car or take with you for eating on the run.
Swap paper napkins for planet friendly, washable and reusable fabric napkins.
Do your research and purchase good quality items for your home that are made to last.


Conscious Cotton

For enduring and sustainable style on all the beds in your home, discover our Purity bed linen collection. Our Purity duvet cover sets, sheets, pillowcases and organic cotton bedding essentials are crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton, which is kinder on your skin and kinder on the planet. Organic cotton is produced free from chemicals and genetic modification, which minimises the manufacturing impact on the environment, the natural eco systems and the people who work with cotton.

We carefully source fabric suppliers whose ethical and environmental values align with our own to produce a beautiful, sustainable and affordable organic cotton collection for our customers. Click on the link below to learn more about organic cotton, one of our favourite fabrics.


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