Make a pretty bedside posy with Julia from Studio Home

14 Dec, 2020

Bring nature indoors with a beautiful arrangement to brighten your bedroom. Julia from Studio Home is sharing her 'recipe' for a delightful bedside posy to bring you joy everyday.


Thin nosed garden snips or scissors.
A selection of small seasonal flowers, anything goes! Even your herbs and vegetables that might be going to seed.
An opaque vase or vessel to hold flowers and water, about 'jar' size.
A small square of coated chicken wire that can be curled and pushed into vessel for stem support.

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1. Collect some small summer flowers, scanning your own garden, friends or family's. Don't despair if pickings are slim! Just aim for a nice variation in shape, colour and if possible fragrance.
2. When cutting aim to get longest stem possible and cut close to the intersection of another.
3. Strip stems of leaves and branches that you think will be below the water level of your vase.
4. Once trimmed pop all cut stems into water while they wait to be arranged in the vase.
6. Roughly curl the edges of your chicken wire to make a pillow shape and push into the vessel. It wants to be filling the vase and sitting in there tightly. Fill with water to rim.
7. As you add stems to the vase, cleanly snip 1cm off the bottom just before they are popped into the water. This gives them the best chance of staying hydrated and having a good vase life.
8. Begin with your foliage, using it to loosely map the outline of your arrangement. An asymmetrical composition helps you achieve that ‘just picked’, casual vibe.
9. You are aiming for the flowers to be 1 - 2 times taller and wider than the vase. Play with stems, positioning them on angles and don't forget shorter pieces around the rim of the vase.
10. Work your way through your flowers, I find starting with the variety I have the most of first then working back to my statement blooms look best.
11. Clear a space on your bedside table and enjoy a little bit of natural beauty every morning and evening.


Top up your vase daily with fresh water. Depending on the flowers you have used, this arrangement might last 2-5 days. Don't be afraid to dismantle to remove dead blooms and rearrange the ones still looking good. Enjoy!

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