How To Style Quilts

28 Sep, 2022

Why We Love Quilts

To us, a sleep sanctuary is created by layering layer upon layer of beautiful bedding in soft, comfortable and natural fabrics. Make your bed starting with fresh sheets, then add a beautiful duvet cover and complete the look with the lovely texture of a timeless quilt. Crafted from pure cotton, sumptuous velvet and classic linen in a range of colours and designs, a quilt is the perfect finishing touch for every beautiful bed.

Read on to discover our quilt collection, why they’re a smart investment for your bed, for the linen cupboard and how to style one in every room in your home.


An Essential Layer

What is a Quilt?

Quilts are a bedding layer, made from two pieces of fabric with cotton batting in between and stitched together to create one complete piece, often with a decorative stitch or pattern. Quilts are also known as comforters, quilt covers and bed quilts. We love quilts for their versatility and how they can instantly transform the look and feel of your bed.

The Benefits of a Quilt

Versatility: A quilt is a versatile styling element which can elevate any duvet cover or bed linen. Many quilts are reversible which offers you two different looks in one quilt. A lovely essential to always keep a few of in your linen cupboard, a well made and timeless quilt will last for years to come.
Temperature: A quilt will add extra warmth when layered over a duvet during the cooler months. A quilt is perfect for the summer months (or if you’re a hot sleeper) when styled just with a flat sheet.
Comfort: The added weight of a quilt over a duvet can be cosy, comforting and encourage restful sleep. A quilt on the end of your bed is also lovely to pull up and snuggle under for an afternoon nap.
Style: A beautiful quilt layer will add interest and texture, making your bed look finished, luxurious and inviting.


How to Style a Quilt on Every Bed

Main Bedroom: Transform the main bedroom into a calm, restful retreat with layers of beautiful bedding. If you love patterned bed linen, we suggest choosing a timeless quilt in a solid colour or soft stripes which will easily coordinate with any style. The master bedroom deserves a little luxury so consider a sumptuous velvet or classic linen quilt. If your style is timeless white or natural bedding, try a beautiful quilt with bolder colour and texture to add an element of interest.

Kids’ Room: A children's room is a place to have a little fun with pretty, patterned or brighter bedding. Choose a style which sparks happiness for your child and makes bedtime enjoyable. Pick from dainty florals, soft textures and simple stripes for young dreamers. P.S. Choosing a quilt in a darker palette is a good idea to hide any marks and mess from more boisterous kids.

Guest Room: Choose a quilt to complement your current guest room bed linen. Quilts in fresh white, classic charcoal or soft natural tones will create a timeless and comforting look for your guests.

The Bach: Quilts are an easy option for beds, bunks and pull out sofa beds at the bach or holiday home. Keep several spare in the linen cupboard for easy instant bedding for those unexpected overnight guests. Choose quilts in a coastal or nautical palette for simple summer styling. A quilt is also lovely to wrap up in for an evening sundowner on the beach.

A quilt is the perfect finishing touch for every beautiful bed.

Our Quilt Styling Tips

Read our top tips for styling a quilt with other bedding.

Tip 1: Style at the end of a bed – add the finishing touch to complete your look with a quilt folded neatly or casually rumpled (depending on your preference) at the end of the bed.

Tip 2: Style with a flat sheet – for effortless and simple style, layer a quilt over just a flat sheet for the warmer months or year round if you’re a hot sleeper.

Tip 3: Style with a patterned duvet – for cohesive styling, choose a quilt in a coordinating solid colour or classic stripes to complement the palette of patterned bedding.

Tip 4: Style with a plain duvet – keep it simple with a quilt in a similar tone to your plain bedding for a calm and tranquil feel or add a quilt in a contrasting colour and texture to create a bolder look.

Tip 5: Sizing suggestion – we recommend choosing a quilt one size larger than your bed size. This will provide more coverage and create a generous, luxurious feel.


Caring For Your Quilt

Every quilt in our collection has a care label with laundering instructions specific to the fabric it’s made from. Please follow these carefully to ensure your quilt will be enjoyed for many years to come.

While most of our quilts can be laundered at home, they tend to be very heavy when wet so for the larger sizes, we recommend having them professionally cleaned.


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