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Choosing the right sleepwear

02 Nov, 2020

Good sleep is important for your health, wellbeing and for coping with the demands of a busy life. Wearing the right nightwear can help you get a restful and restorative sleep, ready to face the day.


Feeling Good

We love beautiful and comfortable sleepwear that feels good to wear all night long. Choose sleepwear that is made from natural fabrics such as pure cotton, organic cotton, silk and modal as they are light and breathable. You need to be cool enough so that your body can drop off to sleep, but still warm enough to be comfortable.

Nightie or PJs?

Prepare for a blissful nights’ sleep with the right sleepwear. We recommend having a variety of sleepwear to suit the seasons. For the warmer nights of spring and summer try a strappy nightie or sleep shorts with cami which let your skin breathe to keep you cool. For autumn and winter add a comfy tee to sleep shorts or PJ pants, try cosy flannel or wear classic cut PJs that will never date. Keep a robe handy to wrap up in for that early morning cup of tea and choose beautiful PJs that can easily transition to the kitchen for brunching at home in relaxed style.


Our tips for choosing the perfect sleepwear

Choose natural fibres that are soft and breathable – pure cotton, organic cotton and silk.

Opt for a comfortable, relaxed fit that lets your body and skin breathe. Tight fitting garments can impact your circulation and hinder your ability to breathe normally during the night.

We spend many hours in bed at night, so keep your PJs fresh by changing them every three or four days.

Leave your socks on as having warm feet can help lower your blood pressure.

Try an eye-mask. We love our cotton, silk and velvet Eye Masks for helping to shut out the light for a great night’s sleep.


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