Wallace Cotton’s quilt covers are made of the best quality materials and will provide any room with the most relaxing comfort and style. No matter the season, they are the perfect layer to snuggle under.

Our excellent designs are available to purchase by themselves or as quilt cover sets to completely transform your room into a beautiful sanctuary. Wallace Cotton has a wide range of cotton quilt covers, including a new velvet collection featuring navy, gold, rose, and moss black quilt designs.

The Palace Velvet Quilt design is the ultimate luxury to indulge your senses in. The soft and sumptuous fabric of this cover is glorious to touch and will make any bedroom dwelling look lavish. Not only is it a treat to the senses due to the velvety texture, but it’s also a delight to look at as the light reflects off the surface of the fabric, changing its colour tones throughout the day.

Wallace Cotton quilts feature unique patterns and prints such as the elegant print of the Unity Quilt and the Antipodes Quilt. Both quilts are made from 100% cotton and delicately embroidered with fine leaf detailing to lovely effect. They are excellent as summer quilts as well as sublime winter quilt cover options, too.

The varying types of quilts available include reversible designs, such as the Commodore Quilt. It’s made from thick cotton with delicate dot embroidery, and the lush indigo front of this quilt is balanced charmingly with a vertical striped print on the reverse side, creating a look that is both classic and contemporary.

For a beautiful, rustic look, the unique Manon Quilt is a luxurious show-stopper. Inspired by an early 1990’s French film, the Manon Quilt is made from pure linen, the front features yarn-dyed stripes and the underside is made of soft cotton filling.

Enjoy Wallace Cotton quilts in all sizes, available for single and double bed designs as well as king quilt cover designs. Find the perfect quilt at Wallace Cotton today!