European pillowcases are pillowcases for large, square pillows, adding a touch of elegance to every home. Originating from 19th century Europe, they are either housewife pillowcases or Oxford pillowcases. Housewife pillowcases are identified by their characteristic sewn edges. Oxford pillowcases, on the other hand, have fabric borders. Euro pillowcases are typically used for decorative purposes, and their stylish designs, patterns, and unique textures make them excellent statement pieces! 

European style pillows and pillowcases are rare in New Zealand. If you’ve been looking for a place to shop quality Euro pillowcases, you’ve found the right place. Here at Wallace Cotton, we have a wide variety of pillowcase designs you can explore! From block colours and striped patterns, to bright cheerful prints and elaborate designs, there’s sure to be a Euro pillowcase to suit your personal style and interior décor theme. Immerse yourself in nature with Wallace Cotton’s flourishing collection of nature and floral-inspired designs or create a classic look with our monochromatic pillowcase sets—the possibilities are almost endless!

All our pillowcases are made from quality fabric and materials, whether you prefer pure cotton or silk pillowcases, and even velvet European pillowcases. Our high-quality velvet, silk, linen, and cotton fabrics let you fully relax and enjoy leisure time in comfortable bliss. Rest assured that your space will look and feel great with Wallace Cotton pillows adorning your sofas, beds, or outdoor furniture.

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