Nightie or Nudie, choosing the right sleepwear for your perfect night’s sleep!

28 Aug 2019

When it comes to nightwear, we all have different preferences. Some love cosy flannel PJs, others sleep only in silk, some people love a nightie and others prefer to take it all off to sleep.

We all have our favourites and we also know that what you wear to bed, can impact the quality of your sleep.

At Wallace Cotton we love stylish sleepwear, but more importantly we love sleep. We know that the sleep you get tonight, can make the day you have tomorrow.  You need to be cool enough so that your body can drop off to sleep, but warm enough to still be comfortable as well.

View the Delilah Nightie & Robe. View the Delilah Nightie & Robe.
The Delilah Sleep Short & Cami Set. The Delilah Sleep Short & Cami Set.

Here are a couple of our dos and don’ts for the perfect fit for the perfect night:


  • Choose natural fibres like cotton, silk, linen. They are soft, breathable and adapt to the temperature of your body and your bed. 
  • Keep it loose. Opt for a relaxed fit that lets your body and your skin breathe. Tight tops and form fitting garments can negatively impact your circulation as well as hinder your ability to breathe normally throughout the night.
  • Keep it clean. We sweat at night and shed dead skin cells so unless you are showering before bed every night, experts* recommend a fresh pair of PJs or a clean nightie every three or four days.
  • Leave your socks on. Having warm feet can help lower your blood pressure and prepare your body for a great night’s sleep!
  • Try an eye-mask. We love our cotton, silk and velvet Eye Masks for helping to shut out the light and get the sleep you need.
  • Wear what feels best. You must be comfortable and confident in order to get the best rest. If this means, going commando, then that is great too – just make sure you have the right layers on your bed to keep you warm in the wee hours of the morning.


  • Wear a bra to bed, ladies. It can put extra pressure on your chest and cause problems down the line. 
  • Sleep in nylon or polyester. Synthetic fibres inhibit your body’s ability to regulate your temperature, and they are made up of plastic components that don’t break down so are harmful to the environment.  

While we all have our sleepwear tastes, it’s most important to be sure that what you wear to bed helps you get the restful sleep you need and isn’t harmful to you. There are so many comfortable and beautiful nightwear options available in soft, lose-fitting natural fabrics that your body and mind will thank you every morning when you wake up. 

Check out Wallace Cotton’s stylish, affordable and supremely comfortable sleepwear.

Shop the Maya Sleep Range. Shop the Maya Sleep Range.


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