Bring the Magic of Fall into Your Home with Our Autumn 2019 Collection

27 Mar 2019

The sun’s rising a little later, the mornings are getting chillier, and the nights are getting cosier. As the cooler weather kicks in, the clocks are turning backwards and we’re turning inward – everyone will soon be rugging up and preparing their homes for those cosy nights. And here at Wallace Cotton, it’s our pleasure to help you prepare your nests for the indoor months ahead.

Our Autumn 2019 Collection features a beautiful collection of colours and botanical prints that reflect the beautiful change in nature outside our windows, as well as comforting textures that are perfect for keeping warm. Here are some of our autumn collection highlights that will bring the magic of fall into your home!

Beautiful Colour Palettes

The seasons are changing, and nature’s colours are changing with it – this is something we all look forward to. We can’t talk about our newest collection without gushing over our new autumnal colour palette. This season, your entire home will be rich in colour and pigment that mirrors the season’s romantic outdoors.

Rich jewel hues of shamrock green and turmeric mustard are front and centre with our Villa Velvet Quilt, with cushions and throws to match. We’ve also got dusty pink and cool grey Chalet Velvet Quilts for a more toned down and neutral look that still emanates comfort.

If you want to make a statement, our new bedding prints are also ready for the taking. Freshen up your home with botanical, leafy prints from our Botanica collection, or sleep in a bed of flowers with our Flowerbed Print.

Don’t forget about the rest of your home! If you’re looking to bring your kitchen to life, our Beehive Kitchen Range splashes playful pops of zingy mustard and strong teal colours that adds a hint of nostalgia to an otherwise modern cooking space.

Cosy Textures

After a cold and rainy autumn day, nothing is more inviting than coming home to a bed that’s covered in velvet, brushed cotton and waffle textures. A pleasure to touch and perfect for the beginning of the cold season, our hand-stitched velvet quilts and pure cotton waffle duvets will show you the true meaning of comfort.

Our love for velvet extends to filled cushions and, pillowcases, and even eye masks! And if we say so ourselves, everyone needs a Carter Robe for eating your Sunday morning breakfast in!

Finally, adding to your cold-season bedding collection, our new brushed cotton flannel bedlinen is arriving in early April and will keep you cosy from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter. They come in cute, whimsical prints – aspen forest and snowfall – that the kids are sure to love.

Wear the Night Sky

When we think of autumn, we dream of chilly, romantic nights in a log cabin while sitting out on the deck. Picture this – you’re covered in velvet quilts, hot drink in hand, and staring up at a clear night sky. So, we thought, why not wear the sky?

Our Galaxy PJ set is here and it’s sure to make you feel the magic in your bones! Featuring a print of stars and galactic glitter set on a deep navy blue, this pyjama set drapes lightly and softly on the skin – you won’t want to get out of these PJs this autumn.


Wallace Cotton