Sleepwear & The Secret to a Great Night's Sleep

23 Nov 2018

‘Sleep is extremely important’ is probably the understatement of the year! It is something we all know to be intrinsically true, yet it is a subject that has only seen a huge surge in popularity in the last 10 years thanks to health professionals, self-help gurus and celebrity bloggers advocating its enormous benefits on our health and wellbeing.

Research has shown that a blissful night of rest can improve one’s memory and mood, fight inflammation and may even lead to longer life. 

With our current technology addiction, our world is always connected and busy - our days are filled to the brim. There has never been a more important time for everyday wellness; taking care of ourselves and feeling good. The everyday pursuit of wellness and rest means making small adjustments, creating mini habits and finding simple ways throughout the day to conquer your goals and ignite happiness. 

And one of the best ways to do this is to treat yourself to new sleepwear!

We spend a third of our lives in bed and deserve to sleep in high quality premium bedlinen. But what about the garments we choose to sleep in?

You would never dare to go to sleep with a face full of makeup or without brushing your teeth, you may have fine-tuned the perfect evening routine with your favourite cleansers and moisturizes but thinking about what to wear to bed? You have probably passed out at this stage. 

Just like freshly-washed crisp cotton sheets, slipping into comfortable, well-designed sleepwear made from soft, fine fabrics is one of the best feelings in the world. Choosing what works for you can help regulate body temperature during the night which is one of the key ingredients to a better night’s sleep. 

The endorphins released when we slip into dreamy sleepwear is produced by the fact that feeling good on the inside can also come from how we look and feel on the outside. A design that sparks joy and is comfortable and flattering is always a winner! 

So help make the end of your day the peaceful start to a new one with Wallace Cotton’s collection of nighties, pyjamas and robes. 

Flowerbed Kimono Robe & Nighty

Bursting with colour, the vibrant Flowerbed Kimono Robe & Nighty is made with 100% cotton voile – a plain-woven, breathable fabric that is very lightweight and soft on the skin. This bright floral print is also available in a sleep shirt, cami, PJ pants & sleep shorts.  

Silk Nighty

Designed to look stunning, the Silk Nighty is not only flattering to wear but made from pure silk, which has impressive moisture wicking properties, keeping you cool and comfortable year-round. Pair your nighty with our Silk Pillowcase, the tightly-woven smooth fibres of silk can help keep your skin hydrated (and wrinkle free!)

Villakula PJ Pants & Sleep Shorts

Waltz around the house, stroll down to the beach, fall asleep under a tree; our PJ Pants & Sleep Shorts are designed to live in and sleep in. Our Villakula Sleepwear showcases a fun, tropical-inspired design made from a printed Cotton Modal, a luxurious fabric that is cool to touch, smooth & silky. Like silk, it is also absorbent and breathes extremely well. 

Elsa Short & Long Sleeve Tees

If you love the ‘relaxed tee’ feel, the Elsa Sleepwear range features nightshirts, long & short sleeve tees, singlets and sleep shorts that are supremely soft, comfortable and shaped to fit. This cotton range is available in three beautiful colourways - teal lagoon, pink blush and a classic cotton white.


Wallace Cotton

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