6 Helpful hints for choosing perfect cushions

3 Jun 2020

You can never have too many cushions!

We love cushions. The simple addition of cushions to a bed, sofa or outdoor setting can instantly change the look and feel of your home. Cushions are the finishing touch and make your space unique to you. We think you can never have too many cushions.

So how do you choose the right cushion when there are so many possibilities on offer? What colour? What fabric? Tassel or no tassel, maybe pom poms, or a plush velvet or a bold pattern? How about a stripe or a floral? Square or rectangle and what inner? So many choices to consider.

1) Let’s start with colour

There are several ways to choose colours. You can follow the current colour trends, choose seasonal colours or a classic timeless palette. Or keep it simple and choose colours that bring you happiness. 

For a calm feel in a room, choose cushions with colours similar to your décor, bed or sofa that complement rather than clash. For a vibrant uplifting feel, be bold and choose bright contrasting colours and mix them up. Using different colours but in the same tone helps make the look cohesive. 

View our Andorra collection of Velvet & Linen Cushions. View our Andorra collection of Velvet & Linen Cushions.

2) Changing with the seasons

For some fun and to keep your home looking fresh, change out your cushions to match the seasons. Reuse your cushion inners and swap the covers for a quick seasonal update. Store the off-season covers carefully in your linen cupboard ready to cheer you up when the seasons change again.

Choose vibrant blues, grassy greens and bright whites for a fresh spring summery feel and cosy warmer tones for the autumn and winter months such as mustards, ochres, soft pinks and honey colours.

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3) Which fabric? 

Selecting the type of fabric for your cushions can have an impact on the final look. Texture is a lovely element to consider when choosing your fabric. Warm rich fabrics such as plush velvet, chunky knitted cotton or wool, add luxury and cosiness. For a more contemporary look, choose natural linens or a hard-wearing cotton drill which are also ideal for the warmer seasons.

Our Kipling Square Cushion is made with a pure yarn dyed cotton & linen blend. Our Kipling Square Cushion is made with a pure yarn dyed cotton & linen blend.

4) Pattern or no pattern?

The choice of patterns is dizzying. Geometric, floral, stripes, palm trees, pineapples and even an urban jungle print. Pattern gives your cushion it’s personality, a sense of fun and whimsy or to make a bold statement. For an eclectic look, mixing different patterns together can work really well when the patterns are in the same colour palette. And a beautiful floral print can be accentuated by adding a striped cushion behind it or a plain coloured cushion in a complementary shade.

Urban Jungle Leaf Rectangle Cushion Urban Jungle Leaf Rectangle Cushion

5) Arranging cushions

Now you’ve chosen your cushions, how best to arrange them? We like to add at least two to a bed for the finishing touch – a rectangle and square or rectangle and round, are a lovely combination of shapes that add interest and depth. For your sofa, it’s a great idea to add rectangle cushions as they provide fantastic back support, pretty and practical cushions! If you have a long modern clean line sofa, groupings of three cushions (two square at the back and a rectangle in front) looks smart and sophisticated without overdoing it. If you have a classic rolled arm sofa with a vintage feel, sometimes more is more and lots of square cushions all stuffed in creates a casual and super comfy look ready to relax into.

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6) Which cushion inner?

The feel of a cushion against your back is just as important as the look of your cushion. So which inner is right for your cushions? Duck feather inners add the feel of luxury to your cushion as they are weighty. They are also lovely and warm to sit against in the cooler months. Feather filled cushions do need a bit of a plump up every now and then to keep them looking elegant. Another choice is a polyester filled inner which is more lightweight and holds its shape. Polyester filled inners look smart, sitting up straight on your sofa or bed.


Sarah Boyce