4 Tips On Building the Bed of Your Dreams

9 Nov 2018

Your bedroom is the place to retreat to at the end of a hectic day, your cave of calm to recharge your battery before the next day begins. Our Creative Director, Paula Wallace, provides useful tips for styling your bed like an expert. 

1.Must-haves for the perfect bed

For a tailored look, start from the base with a good bedskirt, then layer a fabulously soft feather & down topper on your mattress for extra padding and comfort. 

A soft upholstered bedhead can be a statement feature but if your budget is stretched try European pillows across the head of the bed to achieve a similar look. I like to style our beds with three European pillows which makes the bed seem higher and more luxurious. 

Two sets of standard pillows is a must, one set for sleeping and one for extra height when reading. Our larger and longer Lodge pillows are the perfect proportions for Super King and California King beds – no unsightly gaps! 

2. The Low-down on sheets

Don’t get caught out with sheets that simply aren’t big enough. Today’s mattresses are much deeper which many bedding brands don’t allow for. All Wallace Cotton sheets are produced with extra depth meaning no more sheet vs mattress battles! 

You really do need 3 sets of linen for each bed; one on the bed, one in the wash and one in the cupboard. We spend a third of our lives in bed so investing in the best sheets you can afford is must. Our Imperial Sheets are my personal favourite for their luxurious 5 star hotel feel however you can’t go wrong with our 250 thread count Stonewashed range, these offer superior quality at a great price and are ideal for the kids’ rooms. 

3. The Duck, the Goose or the Sheep! 

Shopping for Duvet Inners can be a minefield. Comfort and warmth are key and that’s why I recommend investing in Feather and Down products. These are a little more expensive but are worth it for their superior insulating qualities and longevity. Choose premium goose fill for the warmest and lightest duvet inner, perfect for chilly winter nights. Duck fill is slightly heavier than goose, offers great value for money and is ideal in moderate conditions.

Wool Inners are a great alternative if feathers aren’t for you. Look for NZ-made with pure NZ wool fibre. Wallace Cotton wool duvet inners are the perfect mild to moderate thermal weight for our New Zealand climate.

4. All the Pretty Things

This is the fun part, let your inner stylist run wild on the top layer. There are no rules, it’s all about personal taste.  Mix and match with prints and plains, add splashes of velvet for a touch of opulence or create an oasis of calm with serene layers of white.

A more casual look works well in the bedroom as we head into summer. Texture and simplicity is the key to getting this look right. A rumpled linen duvet looks so relaxed and inviting and gives you an excuse not to make the bed. 

Accessorise with cushions but don’t go crazy or you’ll spend forever removing them at night and re-making in the morning! 


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