At home for good...

A letter from creative director Paula Wallace

7 May 2020
Our dog Wally Wallace Our dog Wally Wallace
It feels rather non-corporate to say, but I have loved being in lock-down. I get to work at home, in my play clothes, with my family all day.

We wake up each day and get to run, or ride, or stretch or play before beginning work, without having to figure out what to wear and rushing off to the office. With 2 chefs in our bubble, the cuisine is better than take-aways. Working from home, I have time to think more carefully, and still get to communicate with our amazing team whenever we need to. What’s not to love?

More literally than ever, our homes have become a place of shelter, where we can protect ourselves and our families from the craziness in the world. The unusual aspect of this pandemic, is that for once everyone on the planet is experiencing the same thing, which I hope will bring us together more than ever before, to move forward and create a world that we can all enjoy.

Since this virus has kept us all at home, we have seen how intrinsically creative people are, and how this creativity has been squashed with the speed and pace of life in this century. With our favourite restaurants and cafes closed, we are enjoying learning new skills in the kitchen, and the nurturing aspect of feeding our families with nourishing food from the heart. We are taking time to watch our gardens grow, and finding the time to create, rediscovering crafts and skills that have gone untouched since we all got so busy being busy. We get time to talk and to listen more.

It has been amazing to hear bird song, see more sea life, and breathe clean air. How do we move forward to new ways of working and living without losing these essential senses?

The past few weeks have kept me busy, trying to gaze into the future and see how it will look for seasonal trends, how we will want to work and communicate, and how we will make our homes beautiful, comfortable and nourishing places to live in.

Home has become our whole world, so let’s relax, make it as comfortable as possible and enjoy it.

Thank you so much for supporting us.

Paula Wallace 


Paula Wallace