Wallace Cotton loves Ethical Suppliers:

We love knowing that our suppliers are healthy and happy, so where possible, we choose certified OKEO TEX suppliers. OKEO TEX is a global standard of environment and ethical practice. Suppliers are regularly audited to ensure safe healthy workplace standards are met, i.e. no child labour, or below minimum wages. The OKEO TEX audit process also checks that environmentally friendly production methods are used, i.e. recycling water and thoughtful dispersal of water. 

Wallace Cotton loves Organic Cotton:

We love the idea of healthy farms and farmers so where possible, we choose to use certified organic cotton to make our bedlinen. Organic farmers do not spray harmful pesticides on their crops, ensuring the health of their families as well as our earth. The end result is that farmers, our staff and customers sleep more peacefully!

Wallace Cotton loves Re-usable Packaging: 

Here at Wallace Cotton, we love cotton of course, so much care and attention is taken to design and produce gorgeous fabric packaging for our bedlinen where possible. Our customers love to store their favourite bedlinen in its own fabric bag, making it easier to spot in the linen cupboard. 

Wallace Cotton loves Recycling:

We recycle all plastic and paper packaging at Wallace Cotton to help lighten the load in landfills. 

Wallace Cotton loves Laundry Bags:

Our iconic laundry bags are much loved by staff and customers, and have become collectors items. Over the years, our bags have been seen at school carrying wet togs, on planes carrying travel gear, in shoe cupboards storing Jimmy Choos, in laundries storing everything and in linen cupboards storing beautiful piles of linen. They have even been re-made into garments and chair upholstery.