Our collaboration with cancer survivor Ruby Seeto and her amazing tea towels continues to deliver outstanding results for Starship Children’s Hospital. Her recent Red Salad design has helped take the tally to more than $500,000 to date. An effort we are hugely proud of.

Funds raised through Ruby’s tea towels have supported multiple projects in the Starship Hospital, including the Oncology ward, the neonatal simulation programme, supporting an international training fellowship for a Specialist Starship Oncologist and helping towards the setup of an ovarian tissue cryopreservation banking protocol for New Zealand Haematology-Oncology Services. Most recently, funds from Ruby’s Red Salad design helped with the refurbishment of Starship’s Phlebotomy laboratory, where around 600 children each month have blood samples taken. 

Ruby’s Starship journey began in 2006 when at nine years of age she was diagnosed with a rare cancer and had major surgery to remove a 1.6kg tumour from her liver. She spent 12 months in Starship undergoing intensive treatment.

Ruby has now graduated with a double major in Commerce and Design and is working full time. She says designing the tea towels has helped shape her direction and the decision to pursue her design interests more seriously.

You can keep up with Ruby’s news on her website

These 100% cotton tea-towels showcase bright unique designs and often feature one of Ruby’s favourite recipes.

They have become collectors’ items over the years and her new designs are always eagerly anticipated, often selling out quickly.

They make great gifts too!


Introducing Kiwi Breakfast Bowl - Ruby's delicious new design!
Start your day with a Breakfast Bowl for Starship – bright, bold and nutritious, the latest design from cancer survivor Ruby Seeto features the colourful combination of its ingredients and inspires better health and brighter futures to the children of Starship. $6 from every teatowel and $4 from every wash cloth set (which is all proceeds after costs) will go to the Starship Foundation.