Duck & Goose Feather Inners  



We all know a good night's sleep is essential to your wellbeing. When you sleep 6-8 hours each night, you deserve the absolute best in comfort and warmth.

Here at Wallace Cotton we carry a premium range of feather and down duvet inners, mattress toppers and pillows. These are the key ingredients to enjoying a deep and restorative sleep night after night.



Down and Feather are natural fibres used in high quality bedding.

Down comes from under the neck and breast of the goose or duck and is incredibly lightweight and soft. it provides insulation and warmth. The higher the percentage of down clusters, the warmer the duvet.

Feathers are used in bedding to provide weight and bulk.


The Duck or the Goose?

Goose Down and Feather: Goose is our premium quality fill. it is softer, lighter, contains finer quills and has superior insulating properties.

Duck Down and Feather: Duck fill is more commonly available, is heavier than goose and has slightly lower insulating properties, hence the lower price.

All our feather and down filling is washed and processed prior to production to meet international hygiene standards.


Downpass Standard Certification 

Our Downtime collection is made from trusted suppliers who have Downpass certification. This certification shows that they are regularly audited and inspected throughout their supply chain to ensure all feather and down material is of good quality and collected ethically.