We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential to our wellbeing. At Wallace Cotton, we have a beautiful range of natural Cotton and Linen Sheets, which we believe are the key to enjoying a deep and restorative sleep. We work with a range of fabrics to give you plenty of choice but thread count, weaves and yarns can be confusing, so here’s our expert guide.

Fabric is made by weaving vertical and horizontal yarns. Thread count tells us how many threads have been used per square inch of fabric. High thread count is a good indicator of quality but the type of yarn and weave will also affect the feel of a fabric.

A basic calico has 60 yarns in each direction so would be called 120 thread count.
Calico yarn is usually thick and coarse, so it’s not great to sleep on. 1000 thread count cotton sateen has approximately 500 yarns in each direction, so is much more dense than calico, and requires very fine yarn resulting in a silky and luxurious sheet.

Yes, so long as the yarn is good quality too. The highest thread counts can only be woven from very fine yarns, which will make very luxurious feeling sheets (usually sateen weave). Percale (square weave) fabric is usually only woven to about 400-500 thread count, these will have a crisper finish but also feel lovely and smooth against the skin.

It depends on how you like your sheets to feel. 250-300 thread count percale sheets are lovely and crisp, while 600-1000 thread count sateen will be smooth and silky with a lustrous finish.

Egypt has become known for producing very fine, long staple cotton (used to make the highest thread count bed linen) but this type of cotton is now produced in parts of the USA and India too.

You will sometimes see Egyptian cotton sheets made in India or China, which can be confusing. This is because Egyptian yarn is often exported to other manufacturing regions where it is woven into cloth.

The ultimate in sleeping luxury - you deserve to spoil yourself 


You deserve the best nights sleep so choose luxurious Imperial 800 thread count cotton sateen. This lustrous diagonal weave bedlinen feels as good as it looks. 


If you're looking for that luxurious hotel bedding feel, this is the sheet for you


White with elegant grey embroidered detail, these 600 thread count cotton sateen sheets look lustrous and feel beautifully soft.

For a timeless look & feel


Sleep easy with certified Organic Cotton 250 thread count Percale, in classic ticking stripes to co-ordinate with most bed linen.


Giving you cool, crisp cotton freshness for everyday


If you feel like cool, crisp sheets, choose Heirloom 300 thread count percale which feel like a good men's shirt and is ideal for every bed in the home.

Wonderfully soft to sleep in, with a contemporary edge


The stonewashed finish will add beautiful texture and a relaxed style to your bedding decor. 


For those that love to add colour


Soft and relaxed 200 thread count percale sheets in 5 colours, perfect for everyday use in the home. Charcoal, grey dusk, white, blue.